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As a member of the mace, I have studied for design thinking course at least six months. To be honest, I had a love-hate relationship with design thinking course.  Indeed, this course gave me a special experience, especially teamwork.  I remember that this course made me work with team to design a product and service. This... Continue Reading →


Do I want to do

Over the course of time, our course is going to be done soon. It has been proved that time waits for no one.  All of things need to be finished by yourself such as a D&AD project, which was really useful to me.  I learned how I arrange the timeline, deal with each work individually... Continue Reading →

Agile PM and Designer

I remember that in the class for every Monday morning is my nightmare. I tried to understand what agile PM mean. So, I think that I need to find examples to learn what they are. For example, when I worked at Acer of the design centre as an intern, I observed some situation. Most designs... Continue Reading →


Last week, I finally finished my D&AD project- Numbuzz. I decorated the appearance of new pinball with colourful and old-school stickers         Also, I added some windmills on the game board in order to make players be more excited when they playing this game. Then, I designed the packaging design.  I took... Continue Reading →

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