My reflective summary

This is my final summary that makes me bring back memories. I remember when I attended this course during the welcome week. I was given many shocks and impact of this course. In the present, I have attended this the business course for a long time. I am so happy that I have learned much... Continue Reading →


Yobbafic Company

What a terrible yesterday! I was nervous by team presentation all time, but at least we finished this Dragon's Den challenge. I felt that I got a "temporary relaxation", yet we have the other assignments which should be done. However, whatever our presentation is good or bad, I believe that I had done my duty,... Continue Reading →

Step by step

In design thinking for startups course, I think that everyone plays different roles in the team. Teammates are all of the important characters, no matter who is leader or supporter. It is a crucial thing which has been known. Anyway, for design thinking project, a team should need more optimistic on brainstorm. For example, I... Continue Reading →

The digital world

In the past, many industries or companies often spend on advertisements to communicate products or services information to customers by TV, radio and newspapers and so on. Nowadays, this phenomenon has been changed to the other form, which is the digital statistics. Actually, I surprise that this change has shown consumer behavior alternation. Let me... Continue Reading →

How to survive in the market?

For this question,  our design thinking group wanted to challenge a wide market. That is light Indicators. Observationally, we knew that many commuters depend on cycle as a transportation. So some commuters are used to install light indicators on the bike in order to ensure their safety. In fact, it is likely correct thinking, but... Continue Reading →

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